Personal Income Tax return.

$35 Flat with any number slips (T4, T5, Moving, etc)
Nominal fee to Free filing included for the following dependants: 
    Spouse with no income
    Parents 65 & older with no income & living with you and you get care giver amounts.
    Dependent student child going to college, university and living with you, & transferring tuition credits & no Income.

(Note: in order for you to get the  benefits, dependants have to file with you).

Home/office & remote services: Please inquire.

Self employed Tax return
$85  Flat with any number slips (T4, T5, Moving, etc) when no HST calculation is needed (business income less than 30K) and             data is provided in Excel sheet

HST return Please inquire

Rental Property        $85  

Quebec Provincial tax return.  Please inquire

Post Bankruptcy Return , Estate and Pre-Bankruptcy returns, please inquire.

Corporate T2 return.

Please inquire for corporate return, will need the prepared balance sheet and income statement 

HST Returns: please inquire

T3 Trust Returns: Please inquire